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K-Beauty Maker or KBM



K-BEAUTY MAKER (KOREA BEAUTY MAKER) is a plastic surgery service agency for  people who want to get a plastic surgery in Korea. We are a team of experts about Korean plastic surgery. We will consult you based on the needs of our customers, recommending the most suitable plastic surgery hospital after having a full discussion about the surgery you want. All hospitals that we work with are government approved with high-technology equipment. They all provide safety environment and professional doctors. In addition, we have our own customer service team to follow and care all our customers’ need.

Why K-Beauty Maker?



  • K-Beauty Maker don’t charge extra. The price is 100% same as hospitals.
  • K-Beauty Maker consultants are professional and experienced in working with the well-known plastic surgery hospital in Korea.
  • K-Beauty Maker does not belong to any medical institutions. We will recommend the most suitable hospital to our customers without any bias.
  • K-Beauty Maker acts as a professional translator between our customers and doctors. We explain every single detail of the surgery to our customers to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • K-Beauty Maker will have promotion every month (eg. discount, free accomodation, free fight tickets etc..)

How to get surgery in South Korea ?



1.Discuss about surgery details with K-beauty Maker

2.Our consultant will help you to book an operation date once decision is made.

3. Accommodation and airport pick-up will be arranged after deposit paid to the hospital.

4.Certification of the hospital and doctors will be shown for your reference.

5. Fly to Korea : We will pick you up at Incheon International Airport.

6. We will bring you to the hotel and take you to the hospital.

7. Do medical check up, consult with surgeon and get surgery.

8. Get treatment after surgery and remove stitches before get back to your country. (in case of face line surgery, patient need to be hospitalized 1-2 days)

9. Go back to your own country:We will take you to the airport.

10.We will follow up after surgery

**Our consultant will take care of every single details

☆ K-Beauty Maker will have promotion every month (eg. discount, free accomodation, free fight tickets etc..)☆

☆ K-Beauty Maker can help our customers for reserving our partnartship accomodation with a good price. ☆